The history of the (Young) AEMI(E) and the EFIM

Ugo E.F. Carcassi, Jan Willem F. Elte, Christopher Davidson
19 September 2006

The European Federation of Internal Medicine (EFIM) was formed in 1996 through a merger between the Association Européenne de Médicine Interne (d' Ensemble) (AEMI(E)) and the Forum of Presidents of National Societies of Internal Medicine (IM). It arose as a result of ideas from Carcassi (Rome/Cagliari) and Merino (Alicante) to transform the largely French-speaking and rather elitist AEMI into a more easily accessible and English-speaking federation of national societies. The founding meeting of the General Assembly of the EFIM took place in May 1996 in Paris. Since then, the EFIM has initiated many activities, some of them originating from the time of the AEMI(E).