CEN || DOE: Type 2

Experts: Office workers should stand more

Employees need to spend at least 2 hours of the work day on their feet, an international group of experts advised. The group based this recommendation on studies showing possible links between...

Field of Interest: Oncology
Type: News Item

Vitamin D landscape marked by lack of consensus

If you’re stumped about what to tell patients who ask you if they should be adding supplemental vitamin D to their diet, you’re not alone. Speaker after speaker at a public conference on vitamin D...

Field of Interest: Rheumatology
Type: News Item

Diabetes in midlife raises dementia risk

Adults with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes in midlife had greater cognitive decline over the next 20 years than did people without diabetes, according to the findings from a large prospective cohort...

Field of Interest: Geriatrics
Type: News Item


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