The Assembly of Young Internists and the Young Internists sub-committee: Structure and process for election of members

The Assembly of Young Internists is made up of national representatives nominated by each of the EFIM member societies. Meetings of the Assembly are held in conjunction with a meeting of the EFIM Administrative Council. The main function of the Assembly of Young Internists is to support the activities of EFIM and the Administrative Council and to act as a link to Young Internist groups within the member countries.

The term ‘Young Internist’ refers to doctors in training in Internal Medicine and to doctors in the early years of their senior posts. Ideally those taking positions as sub-committee members and national representatives will be involved for a minimum of two years to ensure continuity within the organisation.


Structure of the Young Internists sub-committee 

Administration of the Young Internists’ activities is carried out by the Young Internists sub-committee with the approval of the Assembly of Young Internists.

The sub-committee consists of a Chairperson, a Secretary, a Treasurer and up to four members, all of whom should be of different nationalities.

The officers of the sub-committee are appointed by the Assembly for a period of two years and may be re-elected for a further term of two years.

The officers will be responsible for preparing the agenda for the meetings of the sub-committee and the Assembly, recording the minutes of meetings, managing the budget and reporting back to the EFIM Executive.

The sub-committee will allocate specific tasks to each of the sub-committee members dependant on the resolutions of the Assembly.


Structure of the Assembly of Young Internists

The Assembly of Young Internists is composed of one representative from each EFIM member society.

Each EFIM member society decides how to select their Young Internist representative, yet should preferably select a representative involved in   Young Internist activities within the member country.

The Assembly meets in conjunction with the Administrative Council.

The activities of the Assembly are be co-ordinated by the Young Internists sub-committee reporting to the EFIM Executive Committee.

The Young Internist representative from each member society attends EFIM Administrative Council as a non-voting observer.


Selection of the Young Internists sub-committee

The members of the sub-committee are nominated and selected by the Assembly of Young Internists.

Voting will follow the rules laid out for the EFIM Executive.


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