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Bariatric surgery sliced asthma inhaler use

MADRID – Morbidly obese asthmatics may require less inhaler therapy after bariatric surgery, a retrospective chart review and longitudinal cohort study suggests. Among patients who used any form of...

Field of Interest: Endocrinology
Type: News Item

Teamwork, technology improve hepatitis C rural care

Communication and collaborative use of technology by physicians who serve underserved populations and by specialists can enhance patient management and treatment of hepatitis C virus infection,...

Field of Interest: Gastroentero...
Type: News Item

Invasive cancer incidence highest in black men

Men had a 24% higher incidence of invasive cancer than women in 2010, and black men had the highest rate among men of all races/ethnicities, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported...

Field of Interest: Oncology
Type: News Item

Whole-genome sequencing not ready for prime time

Clinicians and the public have held great hope for years that genomic analysis would transform the prevention and treatment of disease, but although costs may be plummeting, challenges persist,...

Field of Interest: Pulmonology
Type: News Item

Bladder incontinence up 43% in elderly since 1992

The prevalence of bladder incontinence rose from 21.1% in 1992 to 30.2% in 2010 for Medicare beneficiaries aged 65 years and older – an increase of 43%, according to data from the Medicare Current...

Field of Interest: Geriatrics
Type: News Item


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