Working Groups

EFIM Working Groups

Working groups are set up on the initiative of the Administrative Council and report regularly to the Executive Committee. There are currently:

Professional Issues and Quality of Care in Internal Medicine
Chairman: Mark Kramer. 
Set up to investigate the problems arising out of health service reforms in different member countries and their influence on the practice and training of internal medicine. A Report from the EFIM Working Group on Political Issues in Internal Medicine was published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine, June 2005. 
Reference: Eur J Int Med 2005; 16: 214 - 217.
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Competencies & EuropeanBoard of Internal Medicine (EBIM) Chairman: Runolfur Palsson
Core Competencies of the European Internist has been prepared by the UEMS/EFIM Working Group on Competencies in Internal Medicine in Europe, and will be published in EJIM in 2007. The Working Group is now trying to define the tasks that an Internist should be able to handle. 
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Rare Diseases Working Group: Chairman: Lorenzo Dagna

Exchange Programme Chairman Pedro Conthe
Chairman: [email protected]

ADVICE - Adult Vaccination Programme: Chairman Serhat Ünal