Young Internists - How to get involved


Please contact us with any questions and suggestions:

Frauke Weidanz (YI Chair):

Ieva Ruza (YI Secretary):

or see here for contact details of your national YI representatives.

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The following project groups are looking for interested YIs to contribute:

1. Publication of information about training programmes in different European countries on the EFIM website to facilitate movement of trainees: A lot of work has been done in gathering information on postgraduate training structures and curricula by the Competencies Working Group and EBIM. A group of YIs is compressing this into concise, practical information which will be available via our website to trainees considering working in a different EFIM member country. This will also contain practical tips on registration / licensing processes and on where to find additional, detailed information.

To contribute, please contact:


2. Generic versus branded prescribing: A growing body of evidences suggests that generic drugs prescription might be a safe and cost-effective measure that might lead to a reduction in pharmaceutical expenditure. However to date there are no available data regarding the attitudes of internists towards prescribing generic drugs across Europe. The aim of the Young Internists Task Force will be to design a study aimed at exploring the trends in prescribing generic versus branded drugs in Internal Medicine wards in Europe.

To contribute, please contact: