Pre-Congress Workshops

Pre-Congress Workshops

You are invited to attend special pre-conference workshops starting on Thursday, 09 June 2022. The workshops will cover a variety of sessions on different useful topics.

Workshop 1:

How to Write and Publish An Article

Tiny screenwriter sitting on retro typewriter, thinking screenplay while paper drafts flying around author. Vector illustration for creative job, book or story writing concept

Workshop 2:

Improving Quality Of Care and Patient Safety In Healthcare

Female doctor stops spread of virus and disease. Woman holds security shield and syringe with a vaccine. Medical worker in uniform. Health care concept. Global epidemic or pandemic. Vector

Workshop 3:

Early Careers

Medical insurance illustration -hospital administrator -modern flat vector concept digital illustration - a female hospital administrator with a team of doctos concept, medical office or laboratory

Workshop 4:

OMTF Course for Obesity Treatment

Tiny doctors examining heart health flat vector illustration. Cartoon medical specialists doing checkup of blood pressure, pulse rate and cholesterol. Cardiovascular disease and cardiology concept

Workshop 5:

Choosing Wisely

Selection of the attending physician, online consultation on diseases. Woman doctor and girl patient. Vector illustration in pastel colors.

Workshop 6:


Prenatal care concept. Sonographer scanning and examining pregnant woman while expecting father looking at monitor. Vector illustration for medical examination, sonography, ultrasound test topics

And that’s not all! Check out our full scientific programme to discover what else is on offer during ECIM 2022!