Published: 12 April 2016
Author(s): Elena Verrecchia, Anna Zampetti, Daniela Antuzzi, Roberta Ricci, Lorenzo Ferri, Amelia Morrone, Claudio Feliciani, Lorenzo Dagna, Raffaele Manna
Issue: April 2016
Section: Original Article

Fever emerged to be common as part of the FD clinical spectrum and it significantly contributed to the diagnostic delay encountered with this rare disease. Furthermore, our retrospective analysis indicated that FD patients commonly exhibit episodes of fever in association with other symptoms suggestive of FD (such as episodic pain crisis, acroparesthesias, hypo/anhydrosis, heat intolerance, fatigue and gastrointestinal distress). A careful analysis of the medical history in patients suffering fever could lead to an early and correct FD diagnosis.


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