By connecting enthusiastic Early Career Internists and allowing them to share experiences and learn from each other, the group seeks to strengthen the specialty identity of Internists. Educational activities are geared towards the development of non-technical skills such as leadership, training and supervision and team building, in order to support Early Career Internists in taking up senior posts and in becoming role models in Internal Medicine. The activities of the Early Career Group are coordinated by the Early Career Subcommittee: The Early Career group at EFIM brings together specialists in Internal Medicine from across Europe who want to develop their professional and personal skills. Formed in 2019, the group aims to build a wide network of Early Career Internists across Europe (Internal Medicine specialists within 10 years of completing postgraduate training or specialisation in Internal Medicine).

The Early Career Group activities are coordinated by the recently formed Early Career Subcommittee within EFIM.

Early Career "Joy in Internal Medicine Award" at ECIM 2022


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