Published: 2 August 2021
Author(s): Giorgio Costantino, Ludovico Furlan, Christian Bracco, Maria Domenica Cappellini, Giovanni Casazza, Vanessa Nunziata, Chiara Beatrice Cogliati, Anna Fracanzani, Raffaello Furlan, Giovanni Gambassi, Roberto Manetti, Raffaele Manna, Alfonso Piccoli, Alberto Moggi Pignone, GianMarco Podda, Teresa Salvatore, Stefania Sella, Alessandro Squizzato, Moreno Tresoldi, Francesco Perticone, Antonello Pietrangelo, Gino Roberto Corazza, Nicola Montano
Section: Original article

In 2012, the American Board of Internal Medicine launched the Choosing Wisely (CW) campaign [1] with the purpose of reducing inappropriate and harmful procedures in clinical practice. The CW campaign has been endorsed by more than 80 scientific societies [2], showing great success worldwide. The mission of the campaign and its objectives are still currently considered to be of primary importance by several authorities [3, 4].


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