Published: 18 February 2020
Author(s): A. Maloberti, R.M. Bruno, R. Facchetti, G. Grassi, S. Taddei, L. Ghiadoni, C. Giannattasio
Section: Letter to the Editor

Metabolic Syndrome (MS) is a cluster of elevated Blood Pressure (BP) and glucose, lipids alterations (elevated triglycerides or low HDL-cholesterol) and abdominal obesity that has been associated with a significant increase in Cardio-Vascular (CV) events and mortality [1]. It is highly prevalent in hypertensive patients [2] but data on the longitudinal trends of BP values in hypertensives with and without MS are very limited [3, 4]. Furthermore, MS is characterized by an increase in Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) but this relationship has been poorly evaluated in longitudinal studies.


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