Information and the publication from the past Working Group on Professional Issues and Quality of Care can be found in the Archived Working Group page!

The Quality and Professional Issues Working Group is currently transitionion into EFIM subcommittee!

The mission of the new Quality and Professional Issues Working Group of EFIM is to contribute to a prospective thinking about the evolution of Internal Medicine in Europe, its diversity, barriers and the opportunities, to identify and disseminate the best strategies to monitor and improve the quality of care, to improve the standards of education and to increase the scientific affirmation of Internal Medicine. 

Members of the new Working Group on Professional Issues and the Quality of Care in Internal Medicine are listed below:

Chair -  Luís Campos - Portugal

  • Matthias Raspe - German Society of Internal Medicine
  • Paola Andreozzi - Italian Society of Internal Medicine
  • Mario Pirisi - Italian Society of Internal Medicine
  • Monica Bivol - Norwegian Society of Internal Medicine
  • Zbigniew Heleniak - Polish Society of Internal Medicine
  • Joao Correia - Portuguese Society of Internal Medicine
  • Carmen  Fierbinteanu-Braticevici - Romanian Society of Internal Medicine
  • Sona  Kinova - Slovakian Society of Internal Medicine
  • Radovan Hojs - Slovakian Society of Internal Medicine
  • Christine Sävervall - Swedish Society of Internal Medicine
  • Stefano Bassetti - Swiss Society of General Internal Medicine
  • Mine Duruse - Turkish Society of Internal Medicine


The Working Group may have a representative from each society of each country and a representative of the Young Internists. If you are interested to join please get in touch with EFIM Secretariat on
The Working Group may invite other external professionals which contribution is important to the development of the activities of the Professional Issues and the Quality of Care.

The activities of the Working Group are:

  1.  Promotion of educational programs dedicated to subjects like professionalism, quality of healthcare, management and organization of care, among others.
  2. Development of investigational programs focused on demonstrating the clinical benefit of the holistic perspective and approach of Internal Medicine (multicentric outcomes research).
  3. Production of clinical guidelines, on behalf of EFIM alone or in collaboration with other European or American Scientific Societies. The publication of these guidelines should have fast track for publication in the EJIM.
  4. Contributing to the dissemination of new models of care, with an emphasis on integrated healthcare, where the role of the internist can be relevant.
  5. Periodical production of position papers, on behalf of EFIM, about topics related with the mission of the committee. All the members will be co-authors of the papers, being the first author the one that wrote the draft of the paper e and the last the chairman of the committee. The approach should respect the diversity of models of Internal Medicine in Europe.


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