Published: 13 March 2020
Author(s): Avi Leader, Vincent ten Cate, Arina J ten Cate-Hoek, Erik A.M. Beckers, Galia Spectre, Cinzia Giaccherini, Anna Gurevich-Shapiro, Eilon Krashin, Pia Raanani, Harry C. Schouten, Anna Falanga, Hugo ten Cate
Issue: July 2020
Section: Original article

Thrombocytopenia in cancer patients with an indication for anticoagulation is not uncommon [1], and poses a unique clinical challenge. Clinical trials evaluating anticoagulants for treatment of venous thromboembolism (VTE) excluded patients with thrombocytopenia [2-4]. As a result, management is informed mainly by expert opinion [5] and limited retrospective cohort studies on VTE, as recently reviewed [6]. In this setting, anticoagulation can be held or continued at full or reduced doses, with or without platelet transfusion support.


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