Published: 25 March 2022
Author(s): Kyle Barron, Poornima Ramadas, Udhayvir Singh Grewal
Issue: July 2022
Section: Internal Medicine Flashcard

A 41-year-old female with alcoholic liver cirrhosis presented to the emergency department with worsening abdominal pain and progressively worsening shortness of breath for two weeks. Laboratory studies revealed a hemoglobin of 4.2 g/dL (reference range 12.0–15.5 g/dL), hematocrit 14.1% (reference range 36–44%), red cell distribution width 21.8% (reference range 12.2–16.1 g/dL), total bilirubin 6.2 mg/dL (reference range 0.1–1.0 mg/dL), indirect bilirubin 3.5 mg/dL (reference range 0.2–0.8 mg/dL).


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