Published: 23 June 2016
Author(s): Sim Y. Ong, Amanda J. Nicoll, Martin B. Delatycki
Issue: June 2016
Section: Review Article

Hyperferritinaemia is commonly found in clinical practice. In assessing the cause of hyperferritinaemia, it is important to identify if there is true iron overload or not as hyperferritinaemia may be seen in other conditions such as excess alcohol intake, inflammation and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Assessment of whether the serum ferritin level is elevated or not should take into account body mass index, gender and age. This review article provides an overview of the different causes of hyperferritinaemia, differentiating those due to iron overload from those not due to iron overload, and provides an algorithm for clinicians to use in clinical practice to carry out appropriate investigations and management.


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