Published: 2 June 2017
Author(s): Silvio Buscemi, Valeria Di Pasquale, Carola Buscemi, Tommaso Piccoli, Carla Giordano
Issue: June 2017
Section: Letter to the Editor

Dementia is currently a public health priority, covering about 8% of people over the age of sixty-five, 20% of the population over 80years of age in the Western world, and it is expected that these prevalences will triple over the next 30years. Encouraging early diagnosis and removing the modifiable individual risk factors and the environmental causes predisposing to dementia is a possible strategy for reducing the individual and social burden of dementia in current, aging society. In this regard, mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is considered a transitional phase between the typical cognitive changes of normal aging and dementia [1].


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