Published: 20 March 2017
Author(s): Ana Clara Zoni, M. Felicitas Domínguez-Berjón, María D. Esteban-Vasallo, Juan Manuel Sendra, Jenaro Astray-Mochales
Issue: March 2017
Section: Letter to the Editor

Advances in care in Cystic fibrosis (CF) patients have improved the survival and the quality of life, but endocrine comorbidities gained greater significance [1]. CF-related diabetes (CFRD) is the most common extra-pulmonary complication (from 12% to >25% of adult patients). It is associated with detrimental pulmonary, liver and pancreatic functions, undernutrition and less life expectancy. Early detection of CFRD in children can play an important role in preventing complications and improving prognosis [1,2].


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