Published: 22 March 2017
Author(s): R. Molino-Lova, F. Sofi, G. Pasquini, F. Vannetti, S. Del Ry, C. Vassalle, M. Clerici, S. Sorbi, C. Macchi
Issue: March 2017
Section: Developments in Internal Medicine

Sarcopenia is the progressive loss of muscle mass and strength that occurs with advancing age and plays a pivotal role in the causal pathway leading to frailty, disability and, eventually, to death among older persons. As oxidative damage of muscle proteins has been shown to be a relevant contributory factor, in this study we hypothesized that uric acid (UA), a powerful endogenous antioxidant, might exert a protective effect on muscle function in the oldest old and we tested our hypothesis in a group of nonagenarians who participated in the Mugello Study.


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