Published: 11 December 2023
Author(s): AJ Manolis, MS Kallistratos, M Koutsaki, M Doumas, L.E. Poulimenos, J Parissis, E Polyzogopoulou, A Pittaras, ML Muiesan, G Mancia
Issue: March 2024
Section: Review Article

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, and hypertension is the main cardiovascular risk factor. Despite the increased use of antihypertensive medications, the prevalence of hypertension has remained constant or has decreased only slightly over the past four decades, with an increase in low- and middle-income countries [1]. In 2010, 31.1 % of adults (1.39 billion) worldwide had hypertension, and among adults, this condition affected 31.5 % of the population (1.04 billion people) in low income countries, and 28.5 %, (349 million people) in the high income ones [2].


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