Published: 29 November 2023
Author(s): Grégoire Le Gal, Giancarlo Agnelli, Harald Darius, Susan R Kahn, Tarek Owaidah, Ana Thereza Rocha, Zhenguo Zhai, Irfan Khan, Yasmina Djoudi, Ekaterina Ponomareva, Alexander T. Cohen
Issue: March 2024
Section: Original Article

Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) related morbidity in patients hospitalized with acute medical illness may account for over 50 % of the overall burden of VTE. [1–7] Several randomized controlled trials (RCTs) have shown that thromboprophylaxis reduces the risk of VTE in this population while increasing the risk of bleeding[8–9]. Clinical practice guidelines recommend inpatient thromboprophylaxis as the overall benefit-risk remains favorable, especially in populations at high predicted risk for VTE and/or low predicted risk of bleeding.


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