Published: 21 October 2023
Author(s): Christos Fragoulis, Dimitrios Polyzos, Andreas Mavroudis, Panagiotis-Anastasios Tsioufis, Alexandros Kasiakogias, Ioannis Leontsinis, Emmanouil Mantzouranis, Theodoros Kalos, Athanasios Sakalidis, John Ntalakouras, Ioannis Andrikou, Kyriakos Dimitriadis, Dimitris Konstantinidis, Costas Thomopoulos, Konstantinos Tsioufis
Issue: March 2024
Section: Original article

Hypertensive urgencies (HU) or emergencies (HE) are characterized by a variable clinical presentation in patients with acute blood pressure (BP) increase to levels > 180/110 mmHg. According to the presence or absence of acute or progressive hypertension-mediated organ damage, they are classified into HE or HU, respectively [1–3]. The clinical profile of patients has been extensively described [4–8], while the recent hypertension guidelines or relevant consensus papers have drawn up specific treatment protocols [1–3].


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