Published: 12 March 2023
Author(s): Òscar Miró, Alicia Conde-Martel, Pere Llorens, Prado Salamanca-Bautista, Víctor Gil, Álvaro González-Franco, Javier Jacob, Jesús Casado, Josep Tost, Manuel Montero-Pérez-Barquero, Aitor Alquézar-Arbé, Joan Carles Trullàs, EAHFE and the RICA research investigators
Issue: May 2023
Section: Original article

Heart failure (HF) is highly prevalent in people over the age of 65 years and constitutes a leading cause of hospitalization and death in this population [1,2]. Decompensations are a crucial point in the natural history of HF, because most of deaths and health care costs are linked to them [3,4]. Therefore, it is a priority to identify risk factors linked to decompensations and adverse outcomes, especially death, in order to improve prognosis of patients with HF [5,6].


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