Published: 18 November 2023
Author(s): Tetiana Lapikova-Bryhinska, Stefano Ministrini, Yustina M. Puspitasari, Simon Kraler, Shafeeq Ahmed Mohamed, Sarah Costantino, Francesco Paneni, Michael Khetsuriani, Susan Bengs, Luca Liberale, Fabrizio Montecucco, Wolfgang Krampla, Peter Riederer, Margareta Hinterberger, Peter Fischer, Thomas F. Lüscher, Edna Grünblatt, Alexander Akhmedov, Giovanni G. Camici
Issue: May 2024
Section: Original article

Aging is a multifaceted biological process characterized by a progressive decline in physiological function and increased vulnerability to various diseases [1]. It is associated with multiple cellular and molecular changes, including genomic instability, cellular senescence, mitochondrial dysfunction, and impaired repair mechanisms [2].


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