Published: 27 January 2024
Author(s): Bing-Hua Chen, Hui Tang, Dong-Aolei An, Jun Pu, Lian-Ming Wu
Issue: May 2024
Section: Letter to the Editor

After acute anterior myocardial infarction, most patients displayed paradoxical pulsation (the paradoxical expansion of left ventricular infarct segments), which is easily complicated by early cardiac dysfunction, hemodynamic alteration, and left ventricular thrombosis. Cardiac MRI has developed into a widely used noninvasive imaging method for assessing cardiac morphology, function, and tissue characteristics in ischemic heart disease [1]. Compared to the widely used ventricular ejection fraction, myocardial strain—a measure of myocardial deformation—is a more sensitive imaging diagnostic of myocardial disease [2].


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