Published: 20 December 2023
Author(s): Jeresa I.A. Willems, Roderick F.A. Tummers-de Lind van Wijngaarden, Ivo J.M. Dubelaar, Martijn D. De Kruif, Math P.G. Leers, Inge H.Y. Luu, Robin P. Peeters, Daan J.L. van Twist
Issue: May 2024
Section: Original Article

Thyroid and adrenal incidentalomas are commonly detected on computed tomography (CT) imaging. Due to the increased use of advanced CT imaging prevalence rates are still rising, leading to an ‘incidentaloma epidemic’ [1,2]. Since detailed knowledge about the natural course of thyroid and adrenal incidentalomas is limited, current international guidelines recommend further evaluation to rule out malignancy and/or excess hormone secretion [3,4].


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