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Corrigendum to “The role of sodium intake in nephrolithiasis: Epidemiology, pathogenesis, and future directions” [Eur J Intern Med 35 (2016) 16–19]

26 November 2016
Author(s): Baris Afsar, Murat C. Kiremit, Alan A. Sag, Kayhan Tarim, Omer Acar, Tarik Esen, Yalcin Solak, Adrian Covic, Mehmet Kanbay

The authors regret that in the article “The role of sodium intake in nephrolithiasis: epidemiology, pathogenesis, and future directions” (EJINME-03278), we omitted a piece of information that we wish... more

Letter to the Editor

Applicability of the modified CHA2DS2-VASc score for stroke risk stratification in Caucasian atrial fibrillation patients

15 November 2016
Author(s): Amaya García-Fernández, Vanessa Roldán, José Miguel Rivera-Caravaca, Gregory Y H Lip, Francisco Marín

Since 2010, guidelines recommend the use of the CHA2DS2-VASc score to estimate stroke risk in non-valvular atrial fibrillation (AF) patients [1]. The CHA2DS2-VASc is a simple, clinical risk factor-... more

Delirium: Time to climb this babylon tower

15 November 2016
Author(s): Michela Giulii Capponi, Ave Maria Biffi, Maria Simonetta Spada, Luca Ansaloni

The word “Delirium” (D) was first used to describe mental disorders occurring during fever or head trauma. Over time this term has evolved to describe a transient, reversible syndrome that is acute... more

Healthcare in the 21st century

12 November 2016
Author(s): Chayakrit Krittanawong

To the Editor: Recently, many healthcare-associated problems have significantly increased. Therefore, strategies need to be developed in order to solve these problems and transform healthcare. This... more

Poor sleeping has underrepresented medical, healthcare, and social costs?

11 November 2016
Author(s): Sergio Garbarino, Walter G. Sannita

Endemic in Western societies (~18–23%), sleep disorders are often co-morbid and rank as a major risk factor for psychiatric, cerebro-cardiovascular, metabolic or hormonal diseases [1]. They also... more

More on air pollution and venous thromboembolism

9 November 2016
Author(s): Massimo Franchini, Pier Mannuccio Mannucci

We read with interest the letter by Vreugdenhil [1] who, referring to our systematic review recently published in this Journal on the association between particulate matter (PM) and venous... more

Anemia and frailty in the elderly hospitalized in an acute unit: Preliminary results

6 November 2016
Author(s): Abrar-Ahmad Zulfiqar, Xavier Sui Seng, André Gillibert, Nadir Kadri, Jean Doucet

Anemia is a frequent reason for hospitalization in acute geriatric units. The elderly are particularly susceptible and can condition the prognosis in cases of poor tolerance. The main objective is to... more

Electric vehicles. A small step towards improving air quality and mortality?

4 November 2016
Author(s): Gerard Vreugdenhil

“Forbid selling of cars with an exhaust pipe after 2025….” proposed a Dutch politician recently in parliament. Ridiculous and far from reality? Wishful thinking versus the present opinion driven by... more

Differences in predictors of one-year mortality between patients with hypertensive and non-hypertensive acute heart failure: Usefulness of E/E′ in hypertensive heart failure

2 November 2016
Author(s): Kenichi Matsushita, Toshinori Minamishima, Konomi Sakata, Toru Satoh, Hideaki Yoshino

High blood pressure (BP) is an important factor causing acute decompensated heart failure (HF). An abrupt increase in BP has been associated with a surge in neurohormonal and cytokine activation,... more

Letters to the Editor

Statins for inflammatory bowel disease: Can off-label drug help it?

14 November 2016
Author(s): Maurizio Bifulco, Elena Ciaglia

Current medications for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) do not work for all patients and sometimes stop working after one year. Looking for new cures, clinicians believe the most promising ones are... more

Original Article

Transition of care: A set of pharmaceutical interventions improves hospital discharge prescriptions from an internal medicine ward

25 November 2016
Author(s): Marine Neeman, Maria Dobrinas, Sophie Maurer, Damien Tagan, Annelore Sautebin, Anne-Laure Blanc, Nicolas Widmer

Continuity of care between hospitals and community pharmacies needs to be improved to ensure medication safety. This study aimed to evaluate whether a set of pharmaceutical interventions to prepare... more

ADAMTS13-specific circulating immune complexes as potential predictors of relapse in patients with acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura

22 November 2016
Author(s): Ilaria Mancini, Barbara Ferrari, Carla Valsecchi, Silvia Pontiggia, Marco Fornili, Elia Biganzoli, Flora Peyvandi, Italian Group of TTP Investigators

Acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) is a rare thrombotic microangiopathy due to the development of autoantibodies against the VWF-cleaving protease ADAMTS13. ADAMTS13-specific... more

Different impact of aspirin on renal progression in patients with predialysis advanced chronic kidney disease with or without previous stroke

21 November 2016
Author(s): Kuang-Chih Hsiao, Jing-Yang Huang, Chun-Te Lee, Tung-Wei Hung, Yung-Po Liaw, Horng-Rong Chang

The benefit of reducing the risk of stroke against increasing the risk of renal progression associated with antiplatelet therapy in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD) is... more

Acute medical units: The way to go? A literature review

12 November 2016
Author(s): L.S. van Galen, E.M.J. Lammers, L.J. Schoonmade, N. Alam, M.H.H. Kramer, P.W.B. Nanayakkara

Acute healthcare chains in the Netherlands are increasingly under pressure because of rising emergency department (ED) admissions, relative bed shortages and government policy changes. In order to... more

Characteristics of liver cirrhosis in Italy: Evidence for a decreasing role of HCV aetiology

8 November 2016
Author(s): Tommaso Stroffolini, Evangelista Sagnelli, Giovanni Battista Gaeta, Caterina Sagnelli, Angelo Andriulli, Giuseppina Brancaccio, Mario Pirisi, Guido Colloredo, Filomena Morisco, Caterina Furlan, Piero Luigi Almasio, EPACRON study group

Previous cross-sectional studies have shown that hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection had been the main agent associated with liver cirrhosis in Italy.

Nonalcoholic fatty liver and the severity of acute pancreatitis

5 November 2016
Author(s): I. Mikolasevic, L. Orlic, G. Poropat, I. Jakopcic, D. Stimac, A. Klanac, F. Carovic, S. Milic

To explore the effect of nonalcoholic fatty liver as a hepatic manifestation of metabolic syndrome on the severity of acute pancreatitis. We hypothesized that patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver... more

Red cell distribution width and the risk of cerebral vein thrombosis: A case–control study

4 November 2016
Author(s): Alberto Maino, Maria Abbattista, Paolo Bucciarelli, Andrea Artoni, Serena M Passamonti, Silvia Lanfranconi, Ida Martinelli

Red cell distribution width (RDW) is a marker of cardiovascular diseases and venous thromboembolism, but its role in cerebral vein thrombosis (CVT) is unknown.

Increased expression of markers of early atherosclerosis in patients with inflammatory bowel disease

1 November 2016
Author(s): Maria Cappello, Anna Licata, Vincenza Calvaruso, Ivana Bravatà, Alessandra Aiello, Daniele Torres, Vittoriano Della Corte, Antonino Tuttolomondo, Maria Perticone, Giuseppe Licata, Antonio Craxì, Calogero Cammà

Recent studies documented an increased cardiovascular risk in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Our study aimed at investigating the prevalence of intima-media thickness (IMT) of the... more


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