Published: 2 August 2022
Author(s): Silvia García Adrián, Adán Rodríguez González, Eva Martínez de Castro, Vanessa Pachón Olmos, Laura Ortega Morán, Purificación Martínez del Prado, Mercedes Salgado Fernández, José David Cumplido Burón, Ignacio García Escobar, Joaquina Martínez Galán, Ana Isabel Ferrer Pérez, Fernando Neria, Diego Cacho Lavin, Borja López de San Vicente Hernández, Paula Jiménez-Fonseca, Andrés J. Muñoz Martín
Section: Original article

Venous thromboembolic disease is considered one of the leading causes of morbi-mortality [1,2]. in oncological patients. Cancer multiplies the risk of thromboembolic events 6- or 7-fold compared to the general population without cancer [3,4], and this risk is greater in certain tumor sites and in people receiving chemotherapy. The incidence of VTE in individuals with pancreatic cancer is high, although it varies widely in the literature [5–23] due, in part, to the differences in the populations studied.


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