Published: 15 October 2017
Author(s): Claire De Moreuil, Raphaël Le Mao, Cécile Tromeur, Francis Couturaud, Karine Lacut, Aurélien Delluc
Issue: October 2017
Section: Letter to the Editor

The occurrence of venous thromboembolism (VTE) in cancer patients is strongly associated with a poor cancer outcome irrespective of cancer stage [1]. Primary thromboprophylaxis with low-molecular weight heparin appears effective in cancer patients [2,3]; however, this treatment has several drawbacks, such as a need for daily injections and a significant bleeding risk, and has not been accepted nor advocated in guidelines for cancer patients. In cancer-free population evidence suggests that statin use is associated with a significant 20–30% reduction in VTE risk [4].


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