Published: 4 October 2017
Author(s): Shaylika Chauhan, Hassan Tariq, Yaseer Durrani, Yesenia Galan, Haris Rana, Arjun Madhavan
Issue: October 2017
Section: Narrative Review

In the final year of the American Civil War, 1865, Chevalier Jackson was born on the 4th of November in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to a livestock raising family [1]. The depiction of his youth by his Grandfather as—“He never rests”— would at last mirror the man, specialist, and evangelist Jackson would later become [1]. He completed his school at the Western University of Pennsylvania, now the University of Pittsburgh, in 1882 [1]. In the two years, it took Jackson to be enlisted as a medical student at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia in 1884, he worked as a decorator of fine china and glass [1].


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