Published: 14 September 2019
Author(s): Christian Labenz, Gerrit Toenges, Jörn M. Schattenberg, Michael Nagel, Yvonne Huber, Jens U. Marquardt, Peter R. Galle, Marcus-Alexander Wörns
Section: Original Article

Compensated (Child-Pugh [CP] A) and decompensated (CP B/C) liver cirrhosis significantly differs in terms of impairment of health-related quality of life (HRQoL). However, sufficient data on potentially treatable factors associated with HRQoL in both stages of the disease are still lacking. Consequently, aims of this study were to determine differences in HRQoL between patients with compensated and decompensated liver cirrhosis and to identify potentially treatable factors associated with HRQoL.


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