Published: 11 September 2019
Author(s): R. Pérez-Alvarez, P. Brito-Zerón, B. Kostov, C. Feijoo-Massó, G. Fraile, R. Gómez-de-la-Torre, B. De-Escalante, M. López-Dupla, A. Alguacil, J. Chara-Cervantes, M. Pérez-Conesa, J. Rascón, J.S. Garcia-Morillo, P. Perez-Guerrero, E. Fonseca-Aizpuru, M. Akasbi, M. Bonet, J.L. Callejas, L. Pallarés, M. Ramos-Casals, on behalf of the SarcoGEAS-SEMI Registry

To analyze the association between Scadding radiological stages of sarcoidosis at diagnosis and the disease phenotype (epidemiology, clinical presentation and extrathoracic involvement) in one of the largest cohorts of patients with sarcoidosis reported from southern Europe.


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