As 2018 is drawing to an end, it's time to reflect on a very good year for EFIM that has just passed by. The success of EFIM is built on the efforts and the hard work of all the EFIM members societies, EFIM Executive Committee, EFIM Young Internists, EFIM Secretariat and all the societies’ representatives involved in every single EFIM projects and in this past year, we have enjoyed many accomplishments.
After a very successful congress in Wiesbaden thanks to the ECIM 2018 congress President, Prof. Petra Maria Schumm – Draeger and the German Society of Internal Medicine hosting the ECIM 2018 to welcoming on board Prof. Giancarlo Agnelli as the new EJIM Editor-in-Chief, organising two very successful schools in Finland and in the Netherlands, I would like to thank all the EFIM members and the societies representatives involved for their dedication, loyalty and commitment shown.

There is still plenty to be achieved in EFIM’s development and I see our next year lined up with many successes and great achievements. Lisbon congress is close by and EFIM Executive Committee are working hard on the 2020 destination. The year ahead will bring its own challenges but I’m sure by working closely together, we will ensure stronger position for internal medicine in Europe and worldwide.

I wish all our members' societies Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from EFIM!

Have a wonderful break and looking forward to seeing you all at the EFIM’s future events.

 On behalf of the EFIM Executive Committee,

Prof. Nicola Montano,
EFIM President



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