The MPP project was a joint venture between the American Board of Internal Medicine/American College of Physicians - American Society of Internal Medicine and the European Federation of Internal Medicine (ABIM/ACP-ASIM and EFIM).  The working group consisted of 6 members from each organisation who met periodically between 1999 and 2001 to formulate the Physician’s Charter.  Thiswhich was jointly published in the Annals of Internal Medicine (ref: Ann Int Med 2002; 136: 243-6), in the Lancet (ref: Lancet 2002; 359: 520-2), and in the European Journal of Internal Medicine (ref: Eur J Int Med 2002; 13: 215-9) entitled: 'Charter on medical professionalism.  Medical professionalism in the new millennium: a physician’s charter'. 

Charter on medical professionalism (PDF).  Medical professionalism in the new millennium: 
A physician’s charter.  Project of the ABIM Foundation, ACP-ASIM Foundation and the European Federation of Internal Medicine. (Ann Int Med 2002; 136: 243-6)

Charter on medical professionalism (PDF).  Where do we go from here?  
Editorial by Dr Christopher Davidson (EJIM 2002; 13: 153)

On closer reading of A Physician’s Charter: Medical Professionalism in the New Millennium, it is clear that the institutional and organizational settings of contemporary medical practice pose significant impediments to achieving several of the responsibilities it calls on physicians to assume.  Moreover, many of those impediments are so deeply imbedded in the structure of all healthcare systems that they are beyond the control of physicians, whether acting alone or collectively.  Indeed, only those in a position to effect system-wide changes (eg. elected officials, ministers of heath) can eliminate these structural impediments.  Consequently, if the public is to continue to enjoy the unique benefits that medical professionalism can offer, some form of a functional alliance between the medical profession and society is necessary. 
The follow up article: Alliance Between Society and Medicine: The Public's Stake in Medical Professionalism was published in JAMA 

Medical Professionalism Project.  (PDF)
Alliance Between Society and Medicine: The Public's Stake in Medical Professionalism.
Authors: JJ Cohen, S Cruess, C Davidson (JAMA 2007; 298: 670-673)


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