Authors: Runolfur Palsson, John Kellett, Stefan Lindgren, Jaime Merino, Colin Semple, Daniel Sereni.    
Eur J Int Med 2007; 18: 104-108. 

Core competencies of the European Internist: A discussion paper (PDF)

In an attempt to enhance the quality of internal medicine practice and to reform the education of internists across Europe, the European Board of Internal Medicine (formed by EFIM and UEMS) has launched a project aimed at defining core competencies that are common to all internists.  The compilation of six core competencies presented in this paper consists of patient care; medical knowledge; communication skills; professionalism, ethical and legal issues; organizational planning and service management skills; and academic activities.  These core competencies are the foundation required for the provision of high-quality medical care everywhere, regardless of the professional traditions and organization of health care in different countries.  The authors hope this paper will stimulate constructive discussion and thoughtful debate, and that it will be followed by a collaborative effort to develop and endorse a European consensus.


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