The European Board of Internal Medicine (EBIM), formed jointly by the European Federation of Internal Medicine (EFIM) and the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) Section of Internal Medicine, is in the process of developing a European curriculum in internal medicine. The main purpose is to facilitate the harmonization of internal medicine training and qualification at the European level. The EBIM Curriculum Committee, which is responsible for constructing and drafting the curriculum, comprises 4 representatives from EFIM, 3 from the UEMS Section of Internal Medicine and 2 from the Young Internists Assembly.

The European Board of Internal Medicine Curriculum Committee are:

  • Rijk Gans (UEMS Section of Internal Medicine, Chair),
  • ​Clare Higgens (UEMS Section of Internal Medicine),
  • Runolfur Palsson (UEMS Section of Internal Medicine),
  • Maria Domenica Cappellini (EFIM),
  • Jan Willem Elte (EFIM),
  • Werner Bauer (EFIM, President of EBIM),
  • Ion Bruckner (EFIM),
  • Mark Cranston (Young Internists Assembly)
  • Monique Slee-Valentijn (Young Internists Assembly). 

Progress report on the activities of the EBIM can be downloaded here
Download the European Curriculum here.

To download the presentations following the European Internal Medicine Curriculum Meeting on 11 December please see list below:

EBIM Curriculum meeting 2014


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