Published: 13 April 2016
Author(s): Xavier Humbert, Sophie Fedrizzi, Joachim Alexandre, Paolo-Emilio Puddu, Antoine Coquerel, Jean-Charles Robert, Lydia Guittet
Issue: April 2016
Section: Letter to the Editor

Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEI) are widely used in the management of hypertension, heart failure, myocardial infarction, renal failure, and kidney diseases. ACEI produced a 10% reduction in all-cause mortality and a 12% reduction in cardiovascular mortality in hypertensive patients [1]. They represent the first-line therapy in cardiovascular protection in the group of renin angiotensin aldosterone system (RAAS). Generally, they are well-tolerated by most patients. However, cough is a well-known side effect with this drug class, and the cough can be severe enough to require medication discontinuation.


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