Published: 1 August 2016
Author(s): M. Bernabeu-Wittel, L. Moreno-Gaviño, M. Ollero-Baturone, B. Barón-Franco, J. Díez-Manglano, C. Rivas-Cobas, J. Murcia-Zaragoza, C. Ramos-Cantos, A. Fernández-Moyano, on behalf of the PROFUND researchers
Issue: August 2016
Section: Original Article

The PROFUND index stratifies accurately the 12-month mortality risk of polypathological patients (PPs), but its fitness over a longer follow-up period remains unknown. We aimed to explore the calibration and discrimination power of PROFUND index over 4-years, in order to assess its follow-up interval generalizability.


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