Published: 26 October 2021
Author(s): Hisanori Machida, Keishi Naruse, Tsutomu Shinohara
Issue: January 2022
Section: Internal Medicine Flashcard

A 68-year-old male presented with left chest pain and was referred to our hospital due to left-sided pleural effusion on a chest X-ray (Fig. 1 A). Initial laboratory data included a white blood cell count of 5650/μL and a C-reactive protein level of 0.36 mg/dL. CT during drainage of bloody effusion showed multiple tumors on the left chest wall and diaphragm, and residual effusion on the dorsal side, without hilar or peripheral lung lesions (Fig. 1B, C). No extrathoracic tumors were detected. Although effusion cytology was positive for malignancy, the histological type could not be determined even with cell block specimens.


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