Published: 4 November 2022
Author(s): Agostino Di Ciaula, Harshitha Shanmugam, Rogério Ribeiro, Ana Pina, Rita Andrade, Leonilde Bonfrate, João F. Raposo, M. Paula Macedo, Piero Portincasa
Issue: January 2023
Section: Original article

Overweight and obesity trends are increasing worldwide, and represent a major health problem [1]. The increase in body fat is also associated with insulin resistance and diabetes [2]. In metabolically healthy subjects, the white adipose tissue in the subcutaneous district, rather than in the visceral district, is the main site storing triglycerides. Hepatocyte accumulation of triglycerides is usually low (i.e., ≤5%), and circulating long-chain fatty acids are readily incorporated into liver triglycerides or undergo mitochondrial oxidation.


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