Published: 18 October 2022
Author(s): Maria Gabriella Donà, Eugenia Giuliani, Mauro Zaccarelli, Alessandra Latini
Issue: January 2023
Section: Letter to the Editor

We read with interest the excellent review on the outbreak of monkeypox (MPX) by Patauner et al. [1]. The epidemiological scenario was exhaustively described but referred to a pre-vaccination era. In fact, in August 2022, EMA's Emergency Task Force advised on use of Imvanex/Jynneos against MPX [2]. The Italian Ministry of Health advised pre-exposure vaccination of at-risk individuals identified as men who have sex with men (MSM) having multiple sexual partners, and/or group sex and/or chemsex and/or a recent diagnosis of sexually transmitted infection (STI), irrespective of HIV infection [3].


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