Published: 10 May 2018
Author(s): Daniel Morse, Ramya Vangipuram, Stephen K. Tyring
Issue: June 2018
Section: Internal Medicine Flashcard

A previously healthy 16-year-old female wrestler presented with a 2-week history of a tender and pruritic rash involving the right anterior upper arm. She had not experienced fevers, chills, or malaise. She reported no history of similar oral or genital symptoms. Physical examination revealed several grouped vesicles on an erythematous base, along with crusted erosions, involving the right antecubital fossa (Fig. 1). The rash was not found elsewhere, and there was no associated lymphadenopathy. Prior to presentation, she went to another clinic, where was clinically diagnosed with staphylococcal skin infection and was started on oral and topical antibiotics.


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