Published: 20 June 2019
Author(s): Luis Corral-Gudino, Alicia Rivas-Lamazares, Ana González-Fernández, Miriam Rodríguez-María, Carmen Aguilera-Sanz, Ana Tierra-Rodríguez, Paula Runza-Buznego, Ester Hernández-Martín, Martín Ortega-Gil, Alberto Bahamonde-Carrasco
Issue: June 2019

Besides the main treatment for their disease, hospital patients receive multiple care measures which include venous lines (VL), urinary catheters (UC), dietary restrictions (DR), mandatory bed rest (BR), deep venous thrombosis prophylaxis (VTP), stress ulcer prophylaxis (SUP) and anticoagulation bridge therapy for atrial fibrillation (BAF). In many cases these practices are of low value.


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