Published: 22 October 2018
Author(s): Pau Llàcer, Julio Núñez, Antoni Bayés-Genís, Alicia Conde Martel, Yolanda Cabanes Hernández, Jesús Díez Manglano, Pablo Álvarez Rocha, Llanos Soler Rangel, Vicente Gómez Del Olmo, Luis Manzano, Manuel Montero Pérez-Barquero
Issue: October 2018
Section: Original Article

The value of digoxin in heart failure (HF) remains controversial, particularly in patients with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF). This study evaluated the 1-year risk of events after digoxin treatment for acute heart failure (AHF) in patients >70 years old with HFpEF.


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