Published: 16 June 2021
Author(s): Irene Prediletto, Letizia D'Antoni, Paolo Carbonara, Federico Daniele, Roberto Dongilli, Roberto Flore, Angela Maria Grazia Pacilli, Lara Pisani, Corina Tomsa, María Laura Vega, Vito Marco Ranieri, Stefano Nava, Paolo Palange
Issue: October 2021
Section: Original article

Up to fifteen percent of patients with novel pandemic coronavirus disease (Covid-19) have acute respiratory failure (ARF). Ratio between arterial partial pressure of oxygen (PaO2) and fraction of inspired oxygen (FiO2), P/F, is currently used as a marker of ARF severity in Covid-19. P/F does not reflect the respiratory efforts made by patients to maintain arterial blood oxygenation, such as tachypnea and hyperpnea, leading to hypocapnia. Standard PaO2, the value of PaO2 adjusted for arterial partial pressure of carbon dioxide (PaCO2) of the subject, better reflects the pathophysiology of hypoxemic ARF.


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