We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Prof. Werner Bauer, key figure in the history and development of (EFIM). Prof. Bauer served as EFIM President from 2008 to 2010 and played an instrumental role in shaping the Federation into what it is today.
Prof. Bauer was actively involved with the European Board of Internal Medicine and worked on launching the European Curriculum in Internal Medicine and actively served EFIM Executive Committee between 2006 - 2012.
Furthermore, Prof. Bauer's deep interest in educational matters – from student teaching to specialist further education and continuous lifelong medical training – led to close contacts with faculties and university hospitals. He established a structure for the further development and quality assurance of postgraduate training in Switzerland. In addition to his role as EFIM President, Prof. Bauer is addressed" the father of EFIM Fellowship". His vision for a program that would unite and elevate the standards of internal medicine across Europe became a reality launching the programme in 2011 during the Congress in Athens.
His dedication and passion for internal medicine were evident throughout his tenure, leaving an unforgetable mark on EFIM.
Dedicated to EFIM until the last minute with the preparation for the upcoming ECIM 2024 in Istanbul.

EFIM will certainly miss him very much!





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