Young Internists group in Norway

Young internists of Norway ("Norske Yngre Indremedisinere") was founded in 2009. The members of the board represent different parts of Norway. We are subordinated the "Norwegian society of internal medicine". Our goal is to work for a broad training in internal medicine in post graduate medical training. We strive to connect with similar organisations in Europe and inform our members about courses, schools and projects abroad and thereby facilitating contact with post graduate internal medicine trainees in Norway with the rest of Europe. Our aim is also to participate on the political arena to influence the development post graduate medical training in internal medicine.


Training in Internal Medicine in Norway

The speciality structure for internal medicine is under revision. In the current structure "General internal medicine" is the main speciality consisting of a minimum of six year post graduate program and which can be topped by a sub speciality. This post graduate program is followed by a 1,5 year common trunk (common for all specialitis). The 8 sub specialities in internal are gastroenterology, cardiology, pulmonology, endocrinology, geriatrics, hematology, nephrology and infection medicine.

The entry to different programs is based on application to the institutions offering the training and interview by the employer.

In the future structure the speciality structure will probably consists of 9 main specialities, where the aforementioned sub specialities will be promoted to main specialities and addition of a new speciality called "Speciality in internal medicine and emergency room medicine". The content and duration of the internal medicine common trunk core in all of these 9 internal medicine specialities is now under debate and development.


Moving to Norway to train or work in Internal Medicine

If you come for post graduate training to Norway there would not be major obstacles if you come from a EU country. There is a requirement though for all foreign nationals who want to work in Norway to pass an examination in national subjects ( and to document their knowledge of Norwegian (

In order to apply for authorization of completed postgraduate training an application to the "Norwegian Directorate of Health" must be sent (


This page has been prepared by Vikas Kumar Sarna, Young Internists assembly representative for Norway, December 2015.


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