Young Internists group in Portugal

The Portuguese Young Internists Group (NIMI) was founded in April 2006.

NIMI has 7 official representatives: Chair, Treasurer (nowadays, Magda Faria), Public Relations (Luísa Azevedo) and four other members (Rosa Ferreira, Ricardo Fernandes, Ana Luísa Broa and Edite Mendes). This group of seven people represent more than 700 internal medicine residents.

We have several activities and projects:

ENIMI - the national young internists meeting, an annual congress to discuss clinical subjects;
clinical courses such as advanced life support, statistics, antibiotherapy, palliative care, diabetes, HIV infection, non-invasive ventilation, fast assessment diagnostic echography, chronic pain treatment; write and organize the young internists newsletter, published every three months; the “local representatives” is one a very important project that consists in having a contact person in every local hospital that works closely with us and helps organizing clinical activities and will also help in planning clinical multicentre studies.

We also represent the Portuguese young internists in our National Society of Internal Medicine and in the European Federation.

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Training in Internal Medicine in Portugal

Internal Medicine training has 5 years in the end of which you become a consultant in Internal Medicine. In Portugal we almost do not have subspecialties once every medical speciality has a separate medical training.

The only subspecialty we have until now is “intensive care” and one can apply to this training after becoming a consultant in several specialties (Internal Medicine, Anaesthesiology, Pneumology, Surgery…).


Moving to Portugal to train or work in Internal Medicine

If you come to Portugal after you have finished your training you will only need to become a member of “Ordem dos Médicos”, which is the society that regulates medical practice in Portugal.

If you come to Portugal in the middle of your training you will need to contact the organizations that regulate residencies in Portugal: ACSS and “Colégio de Especialidade de Medicina Interna”. Depending on the characteristics of your previous residency you might need or need not start the training from the beginning.

The most important authority is “Ordem dos Médicos”:

Although their website is only in Portuguese, they usually provide information quite easily when asked.

Briefly, to become a member of “Ordem dos Médicos” you need

  • (1) passport and fiscal number
  • (2) university diploma
  • (3) criminal record
  • (4) certificate of good standing from your own country medical organization
  • (5) curriculum vitae


This page has been prepared by Andreia Vilas-Boas, Young Internists assembly representative for Portugal, April 2015.


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