Published: 30 November 2020
Author(s): Annemieke Smorenberg, Edgar JG Peters, Paul LA van Daele, Esther J Nossent, Majon Muller
Issue: January 2021
Section: Review Article

On November 18th 2020, there have been over 55 million confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection causing COVID-19, with up to 1.3 million deaths worldwide. In the Netherlands alone, there are up to 8,600 registered deaths, a number that is still on the rise. The risk of hospitalization and death increases with age,1-3 illustrated by a case fatality rate increase from a 2.3% in the general population, to 14.8% in patients over 80 years old.4 A contact survey study from Wuhan and Shanghai found the highest susceptibility to infection in individuals older than 65 year.


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