Published: 5 November 2020
Author(s): Luigi Mario Castello, Francesco Gavelli, Marco Baldrighi, Livia Salmi, Filippo Mearelli, Nicola Fiotti, Filippo Patrucco, Mattia Bellan, Pier Paolo Sainaghi, Giulia Ronzoni, Salvatore Di Somma, Enrico Lupia, Maria Lorenza Muiesan, Gianni Biolo, Gian Carlo Avanzi
Issue: January 2021
Section: Original article

Early risk stratification of septic patients admitted to the Emergency Department (ED) is challenging [1,2] since signs and symptoms may be similar for patients who will have either a favorable or an adverse outcome. Among the strategies to detect patients at higher risk, some propose the clinical evaluation of tissue perfusion [3,4], whereas other focus on early signs of circulatory failure [5,6]. Again, the increase in many serum biomarkers levels, such as lactate, could alert to the need for aggressive resuscitative management.


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