Published: 15 April 2024
Author(s): Anne-Claire Billet, Thomas Thibault, Éric Liozon, Hubert De Boysson, Laurent Perard, Olivier Espitia, Aurélie Daumas, Quentin Gomes De Pinho, Cécile-Audrey Durel, Arnaud Hot, Boris Bienvenu, Sébastien Humbert, Claude Bachmeyer, Sabine Mainbourg, Thomas Sené, Hervé Devilliers, Bastien Durand Bailloud, Hélène Greigert, Alexandre Cochet, Bernard Bonnotte, Jean-Louis Alberini, Maxime Samson, French Study Group for Large Vessel Vasculitis (GEFA)
Issue: June 2024
Section: Original Article

To evaluate the ability of 18FDG PET/CT, at diagnosis of giant cell arteritis (GCA) and during follow-up, to predict occurrence of relapse in large-vessel GCA (LV-GCA).


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